General Manager

Position Summary:

We are strengthening our industrial park business portfolio and are now looking for a result-driven General Manager with a successful track-record experience in managing and operating the business.

Job Descriptions:

  • Strategizes the smooth operations for the transforming and fluid transitioning of industrial park from our existing project KMH1 to KMH2;
  • Develops Business Modeling which the insist of business planning, project planning, and market insight to advise the GROUP Executive Committee (ExCo) and the Board on potential investment and business models for KHM Industrial in moving forward for the industry, its niches, potentials, and risk mitigation;
  • Provides advise to the GROUP ExCo members and the Board on strategic acquisition, territories, new tenant segmentations and infrastructure needed to support those strategic moves;
  • Bear primary accountability on service quality, improvement, certification and consistency through the application of best practices, business risk management, QA, and procedures/policies to ensure high and standards of service quality;
  • Prioritizes on Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) standards, and ensuring compliance across all relevant policies, procedures local legislative requirements;
  • Manages operations, resources, and streamline processes from sales to construction to achieve high productivity in all projects, driving result to ensure top‐tier customer satisfaction and look for the opportunity to engage with and attract new tenants locally and overseas, supported by clear business positioning, superior infrastructure, segment focus and innovative sales & marketing tactics;
  • Delivers business result (P&L etc.) within the agreed budget and allocated resources. Stimulate and drive timely execution of change to improve business performance in areas such as organizational design, matrixes, operational excellence/processes, procurement etc.
  • Deliveries of a robust, shock‐proof yet agile organization by way of ring‐fencing, and proactive investment in people and their welfare. Provide supports to and ensure buy‐in from other individual business units under the GROUP to deliver intended results;
  • Foster and inspire a culture of innovation and an environment where fast yet well‐informed decision making is possible across the business and the GROUP;
  • Enables, supports and rewards the follow‐through‐execution of ideas that focus on key process improvements, complexity reduction, adopting relevant technology application and/or new ways of working that ultimately maximize the returns and add value to the business;
  • Forwards looking & risk taking: Able to function with high level of uncertainty/obscurity. Encourage self and other to take calculated risks and look at uncertainty as an opportunity to explore and grow to a new maturity level;
  • Designs and shapes the organization where leadership and senior management team acts as enabler, catalyst and supporter, thereby encouraging alignment, learning, engagement and involvement of our people in strategizing, solutioning, and more importantly in the followed‐through‐implementation and accountability;
  • Leverage on best practices and Operational Excellence analytics and the strength of the GROUP to support the Board and to drive the KMH Industrial as an inspirational Employer Brand with winning‐organization attributes where people will perform, enjoy and aspire to be with.

Position Requirements:

  • Advanced degree in Engineering, Operations/Project Management or other related business fields;
  • Knowledgeable in operating the business where environmental, health and safety (EHS) and other compliance features are an absolute priority as per the GROUP’s rules;
  • Minimum 15 years of work experience at a senior management level in industrial park(s);
  • Strategically comfortable in the development and execution of the Company’s strategic plans and experienced in engaging clients, vendors, senior management, and colleagues;
  • Excellent in maintaining and building good relationship with tenant and potential client;
  • Excellent English communication both verbal and written.

Closing Date: 31 January 2022

How to apply:

If you are ready for an exciting career with an award-winning property developer, please see the full job description and email your resume to [email protected]. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Department: KMH PARK 2
Type: Full Time
Start Date: Apply Now