Senior Supervisor - Structural Engineer

Job Objectives:

The Senior Structural Engineer manages the whole or parts of the civil and structural works in a construction project (also known as packages), providing technical advice, supervising both staff and contractors, subcontractors, specialist’s contractors, and other specialists works on site, ensuring that the packages under his or her purview are completed on time, on budget, and to the specified or desired quality. Such work maybe includes, but not be limited to, civil and infrastructural, structural, geotechnical engineering works.

The Senior Structural Engineer will report to the Project Manager and Assistant Project Manager, serving as the key supervisor and monitor for the civil and structural packages of work assigned to him or herself. The Senior Site Engineer may also serve as the lead for the project consultant team, as well as the project construction team.

The Senior Site Engineer will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of the packages assigned to him or herself from pre-construction preparation, drawings and documents organisation and mobilisation, implementation, handover, and defects rectification during the defects liability period to ensure the final product delivered is of a high quality, in compliance with the required project and statutory criteria, and that it is running and is delivered within the timeframes and budgets allowed.

The Senior Structural Engineer also provides specific technical advice and work planning to manage risk, monitor progress for the package(s) under his or her purview, especially to call out any unsafe work or work methods, as well as work or work methods that will comprise the quality of the work to be delivered.

The Senior Structural Engineer may also be required from time to time to liaise with external parties to the project team, such as the different stakeholders or departments within ISI Group and Urbanland associated with the project, and external stakeholders like government and statutory bodies.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Managing whole or parts of the construction works.
  • Manage and verify and/or undertake surveys of the site and the works.
  • Manage and verify and/or undertake setting out surveys for the works to be executed.
  • checking technical design and construction drawings, together with contract specifications and other technical documents and contractual requirements as a whole to ensure that the requirements of the contract are strictly adhered to, and to highlight deviations where necessary for review and/or correction.
  • Maintain a complete and current set of construction drawings, contract specifications and bill of quantities, addendum drawings, specialist drawings, or submissions, approved materials and products, site records and memoranda, instructions and directions, site reports, change requests and change logs, and other such records or documentation as required.
  • Manage, liaison with and coordinate between the Urbanland project team, cost management team, procurement team, the Project Manager and Assitant Project Manager, quantity surveyors, contractors, subcontractors, specialist contractors and/or other specialist service providers in all matters pertaining to the construction works.
  • carry our day-to-day management of the site, including supervising and monitoring the site labour force and the work of any contractors, sub-contractors, specialist contractors and service providers.
  • provide technical advice and problem solving on site.
  • Spot and alert the management and construction teams to any unsafe work or work methods and practices on site, ensuring that health and safety and sustainability, and environmental and pollution control laws are strictly adhered to on site.
  • Conduct the mandated supervision and certification of works on site, testing and inspection records, maintaining a record and safe storage of reference samples, testing samples and records of inspection, testing and certification records (including photographic or videographic) records both in hardcopy and softcopy formats.
  • Prepare site reports and other required administrative paperwork.
  • Liaise with quantity surveyors for the ordering and pricing of materials.
  • overseeing the building work to make sure the works are executed according to the drawings and specifications set out the contract.
  • develop and uphold project timelines and milestones.
  • Providing leadership and direction to the contractors, subcontractors, specialist contractors and service providers teams on site, allowing them to proceed with, and supervise and manage their own teams effectively.
  • Set clear goals and objectives, provide effective supervision, and manage performance of all contractors, subcontractors, specialist contractors and services providers to ensure efficient and safe construction operations as a whole on site.
  • Be involved in the pre-qualification, selection, and on boarding of contractors, suppliers, vendors and other specialist contractors and service providers.
  • Review and provide recommendations to the Cost Management and Procurement departments with regards to the technical aspects, and recommended terms and conditions for various construction related contracts, service agreements, and the like.
  • Ensuring the project produces the specified objectives and results in the annual goals and workplan(s) to the required standard of quality and within the prescribed timelines and budget parameters.
  • Recommending changes to any part of the construction works that is ongoing, or develop an alternate course of action if it appears that any part of the construction works is not proceeding on schedule, meeting its budget or is otherwise producing unsatisfactory results
  • Reviewing consultant's and/or contractor's proposals by way of architectural, engineering, interior, infrastructural, landscape and other design criteria, technical submissions, specifications and cost and quantities documents, and variations or change requests, and providing advice or recommendations to the Project Manager and/or Assistant Project Manager with regards to approving or rejecting them as necessary.
  • Lead construction supervision, monitoring and certification activities as provided for in the construction or procurement contract(s), monitoring construction progress and quality, and assisting in the of certifying consultant's and contractor's works progress and progress payments.
  • Meeting with the Project Manager and/or Assistant Project Manager, and varying internal and external stakeholders to monitor and report on project progress.
  • Liaising with and building strong working relationships with industry partners.
  • Devising cost-effective plans to enable effective project completion.
  • Monitor and report on any possible project operational and compliance risks to avoid delays, statutory, legal or financial penalties or reputational damage.
  • Working predominantly in a construction site environment, travelling where necessary to different field locations as required.
  • Contracting with outside agencies for support on an ad-hoc, as-needed basis where necessary.
  • The Senior Site Engineer shall on occasion, when required, be expected to be able attend meetings and deal with other UBL departments, or with contractors, subcontractors, or specialist contractors or service providers, or with governmental inspectors, or tenants, or clients, on behalf of the Project Manager, Assistant Project Manager, Construction Manager or Site Manager, if the aforementioned persons are unable to attend to the meeting.
  • The Senior Site Engineer may be required to manage or supervise, or provide technical advice or assistance to more than one site if necessary.
  • The Senior Site Engineer will also be expected to coach and mentor Site Engineers to increase their industry and technical knowledge, share his or her experience with the Site Engineers to improve their understanding of engineering and construction subject matter and hone their decision making abilities.

Job Requirement

  • The candidate for the position of the Senior Site Engineer (Civil & Structural) should have at least a Bachelor’s degree engineering, or related field. The candidate should have a minimum of 5-8 years of experience in the real estate or construction industry, preferably with 3-5 years in a management or supervisory role.
  • Leadership skills.
  • Possessing a deep and thorough understanding of the real estate and construction industry, in particular in the field of civil and structural engineering. It is also expected that the Senior Site Engineer possesses broad technical knowledge that cuts across all the fields of civil and structural engineering.
  • Strong technical knowledge pertaining to construction, architectural and engineering design criteria, construction sequencing and detailing, construction materials, methodologies and best practices.
  • Knowing what is required in order for a particular project to be completed and has realistic expectations as far as meeting budgets and deadlines are concerned.
  • Persistence and determination.
  • Being able to use a high degree of initiative.
  • Being thorough and pay attention to detail.
  • Good independent and critical thinking, and problem solving skills.
  • Be adaptable and possess a growth and agile mindset.
  • Able to communicate effectively and is a good people manager
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • A proven ability to write project related documents and technical reports, and deliver presentations.
  • Good mathematical skills, and can make accurate calculations quickly and easily.
  • The ability to foster a sense of team spirit within the Projects department, and also foster good, cohesive and collaborative working relationships with other departments within the organisation.
  • A reasonable level of fitness and mobility is required, as the work can be physically demanding. Site inspections may involve climbing ladders or visiting areas of sites where access is difficult. Appropriate safety equipment, such as protective boots and headgear, must be worn on site.
  • The ability to develop strong network of industry relationships with industry partners, consultants, contractors, suppliers, vendors and other real estate bodies and agencies, and raise the profile and reputation of the organization while fostering good faith within the industry.

How to apply

If you are ready for an exciting career with an award-winning property developer, please see the full job description and email your resume to [email protected]. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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