We sat down with Rattana Leang, our Head of Human Resources. He shares tips on career paths, hiring strategies, as well as building a comfortable company culture and environment for employees.

1. Many employers complain about the limited local talent pool in Cambodia and that they face Human Resources challenges to operate their businesses. What is your take on this?

R.L.: I believe each person has potential and talent, it just a matter of how they can prepare themselves to meet the employers’ expectations in term of behavior, experience, skills and knowledge. Employers should have various Human Resources programs aiming to attract top talents, but should also be flexible as the perfect candidate is rare or even sometimes does not exist. I would advise employers to hire high potential people and to make sure they have the right platform to groom them  so they can fit with the job as well as with the culture.

2. The word “talent” is everywhere. What does “talent” really mean to you and at Urbanland?

R.L.: At Urbanland, “talents” refer to everyone. We believe everyone can achieve their career dreams through hard work and dedication, and with the support of the development programs we offer and the company culture we have built. Moreover Urbanland has the chance to be part of ISI GROUP which offers plenty of opportunities on the long term.

3. High-paying job vs chasing your passion: what’s your opinion?

R.L.: My short answer is: passion! Choose a career that you are passionate about and get ready to catch opportunities, be focus and move forward. Every career path can lead to high-paying positions, once you reach the top performers group in your profession.

4. One of our core value is “Be Different”. Can you explain how this shapes the way we work at Urbanland?

R.L.: Our workforce is young, over 90% of the employees are millennials, and the majority is less than 30 years old. They like freedom, flexibility and making thing differently. As a company, we aim to bring out the best in our employees, and we expect from every leader to listen to and to empower their staff, in order to boost their creativity, commitment and accountability. This is where innovation can burgeon.

“Be Different” is also our key business principal. We are one of Cambodia's pioneering developers, bringing to market innovative projects and driving positive change.

5. What are your best career tips for the young generation?

R.L.: Here are some tips from me:

  • Don't let fear hold you back 
  • Find a career you are passionate about
  • Understand your ideal employers’ expectations and what it takes to embrace the career you really want to build
  • Prepare yourself for the right opportunities. Focus, commit and persevere
  • When considering a job, prioritize learning and self-development over money.