Our shophouses are the best of both worlds, integrating commercial use on the ground floor and living quarters above. Located in the thriving South side of Phnom Penh, our creek-fronted residential and shophouse development is seamlessly interconnected to the surrounding communities, best-suited for those who plan to grow their businesses.


Shophouse B offers a unique opportunity for those looking to combine their commercial desires with comfortable living space. The shophouse is purposely built for business on the ground floor with a big parking space, raised walkway and open-planned ground floor for maximum use of floor area while the second floor can be used for your living space. Get ready to take your business to the next level with Shophouse B with all its unmatched amenities and potential at Borey Chankiri 2.



  • Situated on a high-demand location right in front of the public road and in a thriving neighborhood of 800+ families, Shophouse B offers vibrant commercial activities to accommodate the borey residents and the surrounding communities along the National Road 2.
  • The shophouse comes with a spacious 5-meter frontage, which is evidently larger than the average shopfront, and is purposely designed for businesses on the ground floor.
  • The ground floor features generous parking capacity for up to 2 cars, a raised walkway, and an open-plan layout that allows you to maximise the use of floor area with ample space for displays and product storage, making it the perfect setting for any business.
  • The second floor of Shophouse B is spacious and comfortable for residential purposes, and best suited for business owners who are looking for a convenient lifestyle.

Aspire towards better living for your family with Borey Chankiri 2. Visit our Sales Gallery to find the perfect home for your family’s needs.

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