Urbanland has initiated the first "Chankiri Gives Back Day" charity event to help promote education in the community surrounding Borey Chankiri, which is in the southern part of Phnom Penh along National Road 2 and only 5 minutes from Hun Sen Boulevard (the 60-metre road).

A group photo of all Urbanland & Borey Chankiri team, students & their parents, and teachers &school faculties of Neak Oukhna Moha Pheakdey Hun Neang Prek Kompus Primary School

The main motivation for this charity program is the recognition of the value of education and taking part in supporting the underprivileged students by distributing bicycles, books, backpacks, and other study materials.

A picture of smiling female student after receiving of bicycle and study materials from Chankiri Gives back Day

With the philosophy of Believe in Better, being a part of the community improvement has always been a priority at Urbanland. The program took place on Sunday, October 23, 2022, in Neak Oukhna Moha Pheakdey Hun Neang Prek Kompus Primary School, which is located behind the Borey Chankiri, thanks to a company initiative and a generous contribution from Urbanland employees as well as the homeowners of Borey Chankiri.

Urbanland& Borey Chankiri team engage in fun activities and games with the students

Mr. Vaen Sokun, Chairman of Phnom Penh's Dongkor District Education Bureau, was also present on this special occasion with a firm belief that private sector participation is essential for the education sector moving forward. He praised Urbanland for this event quoting, "School for everyone, everyone for school," as the Ministry of Education has put it.

Mr.Vaen Sokun gives a welcoming remark to Urbanland & Borey Chankiri team, students & their parents, the school committee

Meanwhile, Ms. Chheang Viola, Head of Human Resources and Administrative Representatives of Urbanland, emphasized the importance of development participation in the educational sector. Education is a vital component for future generations as they will be the future pillars for families, communities, and society.

"At Urbanland, our people have always valued the act of contributing to the community and that's the vision of this Corporate Social Responsible initiative," she added.

Ms. Chheang Viola represents Borey Chankiri and Urbanland team gives a thankful remark to the school committee, students & their parents for joining the event

Furthermore, increasing the engagement of Urbanland's stakeholders is a key component of this project, and the direct involvement of members has strengthened and nurtured a better relationship among the Urbanland people.

As a member of ISI group - a home-grown corporation with more than 22 years of experience in building materials and construction sectors, Urbanland annually joints hands with the Group's foundation named “KMH Foundation” in promoting positive social change through education, healthcare, sports and housing.

Urbanland believes that sharing is a valuable path that can lead to positive changes in society as a whole and we will continue pursuing many more social activities in the future for our people.

A close-up picture of students receive a package of charity distribution

About Urbanland

Urbanland is a Cambodian company founded in 2013 by architect Hok Kang to create inspirational spaces for people to live, work and play in, with absolute attention to quality, durability and craftsmanship. Urbanland believes that putting people at the heart of everything we do enriches people’s quality of life and creates a healthy environment to achieve their aspirations.

Urbanland has earned a name for itself as a design-focused developer driven by people-centred principles, as can be seen in its award-winning developments of Raintree (commercial offices), Embassy Residences and Embassy Central (high-end condominiums), Siem Reap’s first premium art & design hotel Treeline Urban Resort and KMH Park masterplan development on Veng Sreng, a mixed-use business and lifestyle hub with office, retail, residential, parks and green spaces, and upcoming Borey project Chankiri Palm Creek.