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New! Borey Chankiri - Extension Development is Open for Sales Now!

Urbanland is thrilled to announce the expansion for its borey project masterplan, Borey Chankiri, along with the development of a community mall to serve local residents and visitors to the area.

The development of the new expansion is erected on approximately 5-hectare plots of land, located at the front and east of the current development. With even more amenities for our borey’s residents such as floral gardens, yoga pavilions and meditation areas, we aim to provide a peaceful setting to relax and unwind, perfect for a multi-generational family lifestyle.

First Community Mall at Borey Chankiri

Residents of Borey Chankiri will enjoy hassle-free and convenient shopping experience with the planned development of a Community Mall right at the front gate of Borey Chankiri. Commuters and surrounding communities will also enjoy pleasant dining and shopping options as well. 

Located directly on National Road 2, the spacious retail development will stand on an 8,000 square metre plot and will feature public gathering areas and open amphitheatre-style plazas, creating a vibrant environment and flexible space for activities such as group exercises, yoga, pop-up markets, festival celebrations, and other events.

Life at Chankiri

What do you think makes a house a home? We believe that a home is not only about its physical structure; it's also about the emotional connection we have with it. The quality of our lives are influenced by the quality of the spaces and relationships around us. 

Thoughtfully designed for better living, our homes at Borey Chankiri are welcoming, inviting, and adaptable for families as they grow and flourish to live happier and healthier.

Borey Chankiri is Urbanland’s first borey residential masterplan, located on National Road 2, just off of Hun Sen Blvd in the south of Phnom Penh. Construction broke ground on 22 May 2021, with expected completion in 2023.

View Chankiri e-brochures below for more detail. Borey Chankiri provides a special deal with a discount of up to 13% or a monthly payment of 0.7% for all home purchases. Moreover, you have a loan option with a maximum of 100% and the lowest rate of home loans offered by our 4 partnership banks with the lowest interest rate starting from 4.69% and a loan option of up to 100% within 25 years. Check it more here for details information.


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Designed For Better Living

Borey Chankiri brings people-centered design to life to enable healthier and better lifestyles for aspirational Phnom Penh residents.

After 2 years of research to discover people’s hopes and dreams of what their ideal home is, we are pleased to finally unveil homes which are thoughtfully designed to put people’s needs first and reflect their aspirations for a better future. With Chankiri, we invite our community to step forward into a better way of living.

Convenient and Easily Accessible, Minutes to Malls and Daily Necessities

Borey Chankiri is located in the south of Phnom Penh, along National Road 2, a few minutes from Hun Sen Blvd and Aeon 3.

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Connect with Nature & A Thriving Community

With the new phase development, Borey Chankiri devotes more land to create parks and spaces throughout the 13 hectares masterplan, which includes one of the longest linear parks in Phnom Penh, intentionally designed to bring a thriving and lively community together.

Live a better, healthier life at Chankiri designed with you and your family’s wellbeing, safety and security in mind.

Central Park

Our Central Park is unconventionally and thoughtfully designed to allow various activities for people of all ages to enjoy, from walking, playing outdoor badminton to enjoying the kids' playground and a man-made waterfall with a fish pond.

Our park spaces not only look good – they provide an environment where residents will feel refreshed, relaxed and energised.

Meet with fellow neighbours, friends, and loved ones to enjoy life’s precious moments together at specially crafted green spaces.

Your New Home At Chankiri

Built with the concept of ‘Klem’ in mind, we have set out to create comfortable homes where every square metre counts, with well-designed intuitive spaces, ample ventilation and abundant natural light to enable you to live better. “Laor kun, min man laor chaert” – the more you live in it, the better it gets.

Choose from a variety of home types - from link, twins, and villas, and a new home category - our compact twin which is part link-house, part twin.


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Chankiri Privilege

Chankiri Privilege is an exclusive program designed for homeowners at Borey Chankiri, offering a plethora of benefits and discounts from our esteemed partners across various sectors including food and beverage, home appliances, entertainment, education, and more.

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