Introducing Villa Kon Kat Laor (Link Laor), a premium compact category at Chankiri Palm Creek!

Thoughtfully designed for better living, our Villa Kon Kat Laor is not just another usual link house you have seen in the city. A dream home for newly-weds and young couples, these homes are conceptualised to flexibly enhance your home living experience as you grow together.

Some innovative features in our Villa Kon Kat Laor include:

◾Open plan living room with a staircase on the side, allowing generous areas for family quality time

◾ All rooms throughout the house are naturally lit and ventilated to promote a healthier living environment

◾Dedicated 3.5-metre backyard that can be converted into a leafy back garden or laundry area

◾Flexibility to customize a closed or opened kitchen space based on your family's needs

◾ A master bedroom that can conveniently function as one large room or can be converted into 2 separate rooms for different purposes, such as a nursery or study room, as your family grows

We invite you to see for yourself our refined Villa Kon Kat Laor design, visit our Chankiri Sales Gallery to learn more and discover the perfect home for you and your loved ones.

Call us today at 061 888 580 or 015 588 580 for more information or to book a viewing appointment.