Home is where our heart is. It serves much more than a functional need in our lives – the quality of the spaces we live in is integral to our physical and emotional wellbeing. It also has a role to play in strengthening our relationships with one another.

At Urbanland, we lead change through a people-centred design philosophy. We believe the quality of people’s lives is intricately tied to the spaces they inhabit - their homes, their workspaces, and the spaces in between.

In this paper, we explored what life at home means for aspirational urban residents in Phnom Penh. In a series of engagements over ten months which began in 2019, our participants were invited to join us on this research journey with the intention of building a clearer understanding of their perceptions, joys and frustrations of buying and living in their homes.

Bringing together the views of 170 participants, we hope our findings will serve as a catalyst for our industry to evolve, enabling everyone to live better and achieve their aspirations.

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