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K Mall is a unique community mall designed to bring people together and build meaningful communities. Strategically located at the heart of Veng Sreng, K Mall aims to become a green oasis and a breath of fresh air on this bustling part of the city by offering an unparalleled shopping experience with convenient stores, restaurants for national and international cuisines, and delightful entertainment for over half a million residents living in the area.

Since its soft opening on 5 November 2021, K Mall now welcomes all residents daily from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM to spend quality times with friends and families, and enjoy the many amenities, as well as relax within the lush greenery that has been thoughtfully incorporated throughout the mall.

The architectural designs of K Mall are impeccable and unique with its one-of-a-kind curved features. The two-storey building is adorned with luxuriant vertical hanging gardens and landscaped green nature to uplift the face of Veng Sreng Boulevard and the surrounding communities. All visitors will be greeted with vibrant colors and generous public spaces to unwind, breathe, dine-in, and hang out with friends, colleagues, and families.

As a champion of local culture, the residents of the area will also be able to enjoy the beauty of arts, designs, and various performances that can create unforgettable experiences for all ages.

K Mall is also currently occupied with many local and international retail stores, food options and convenient shops, offering a variety of cuisines, products, and services to satisfy visitors' daily needs.With an impressive parking capacity for 300 cars and 700 motorbikes, visitors and tenants need not worry when visiting this beautiful and functional mall.

K Mall location is only 5 minutes from the Steung Mean Chey Roundabout, 10 minutes from the Chom Chao Roundabout, and 15 minutes from the International Airport. The beautiful building stands directly opposite the ISI Tower — the first contemporary office building in the area, where K Mall is a part of a fully integrated 6-hectare KMH Park Development that includes ISI Tower, the 40 shophouses, and a football stadium.

Visit K Mall along the Veng Sreng Boulevard or visit our Facebook Page for more updates. 

There are over 20 well-known local and international brands opened at K Mall. Be one of the tenants to open its doors in K Mall. Reserve your spot now and please check here for detailed information: K Mall Leasing Event Ads Information

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Know more about K Mall Tenants:

  • Legend Cinema: is the very first international cinema in Cambodia that pick and select the best Hollywood, International, and Khmer Movies for local audiences and strive to provide the best customer services at all times.
  • Brown Coffee & Bakery is a local café pioneer that crafts Cambodian coffee culture & uplifts the community, committed to serving our customers the perfect cups of coffee with cheerful hospitality and creating aesthetic spaces where everyone could belong.
  • Lucky Supermarket: is Cambodia's biggest nationwide shopping retailer, supplying the most varied array of goods. From a modest beginning, Lucky Supermarket has grown into Cambodia’s premier supermarket chain with many outlets all around the country.
  • Samsung: is a South Korean company that is one of the world's largest producers of electronic devices. Samsung specializes in the production of a wide variety of consumer and industry electronics, including appliances, digital media devices, semiconductors, memory chips, and integrated systems.
  • Daiso Japan: is a Japanese convenience store that has diverse types of products ranging from household, stationery, kitchen, decoration and many more. This new branch is nicely designed with a big space that can fulfill all kinds of products; especially, Japanese products.
  • Mi-Home: is a Chinese designer and manufacturer of consumer electronics and related software, home appliances, and household items to make everyday life easier.
  • Metro Thotsakan: is the place to meet and enjoy food and cocktail drinks as well as a favourite of both the business community. It is a place for diners to celebrate their mutual love for delicious food and drinks in a relaxing, casual atmosphere.
  • Zando: was founded in early 2015, ZANDO is a Cambodian fashion retail company inspiring your passion of styles and making you experience the world of iconic fashion brands at the value of every buck.
  • TEN11: is one of the most influential fashion houses designed to flatter the city styles of men and women. TEN11 provides casuals with the intention to make young people feel comfortable with easy-to-wear garments at reasonable prices.
  • The Ground Food Market: is food market to discover the best of Cambodian cuisine.
  • Master Suki Soup: was founded in 1997 and having served the best hot pot of suki soup in Cambodia for more than 20 years, Master Suki Soup aims to be the most favored, trusted, and standard leading food service group and food taste for customers.
  • Sakura Buffet BBQ & Soup is serving a unique BBQ and Soup Buffet, such as fresh slice beef from Australia, Fresh vegetables. Customers can have BBQ and soup at the same time.
  • Decathlon: brings together two different activities: - design and production of sporting goods - direct retail to customers created in 1976 near Lille in northern France, decathlon is now present in 25 countries, making the pleasure and benefits of sport accessible to all.
  • Kmeng Land: is a place to run, jump, slide & climb, and childhood adventures begin at Kmeng Land where kids from age 0 – 10 years old can be kids, burn energy and have fun for hours. Kmeng Land’s playgrounds are the safest place to keep kids always entertained indoors.
  • The Pizza Company: is recognized as a one of the leading pioneers in the Asian food service industry, The Pizza Company introduced a fresh and innovative approach to pizza by offering pizza lovers over 20 different delicious toppings that are richer and more sumptuous than those of our competitors, as well as a selection of great tasting cheese blends and inviting appetizers to enhance the total pizza experience.
  • Kungfu Kitchen: is serving modern Chinese cuisine & hot pot. KFK has hotpot sets that pack a punch with best-selling dishes that also include sweet & sour chicken, sichuan dumplings, crispy squid and many more.
  • Lucky Burger: is a leading Fast Food chain store of choice and preferred brand for on premise consumption. Born and grown in Cambodia since 1996, Lucky Burger has become part of the provincial Cambodian's itinerary. Winning over the homegrown palates has become a quintessential treat for old and young Cambodians, making it a part of Khmer recreational holiday custom.
  • Citi Pho: offers delicious, authentic Vietnamese cuisine and freshly roasted artisan coffee. Drinks and food are all prepared fresh and made with the highest standards and care.
  • Santa Fe: serves beef, pork, and chicken steak with the selection of fine ingredients from around the world followed by the meticulous preparation and cooking that result in people’s favorite dishes to satisfaction.
  • Amazon Café: is made from special blended coffee beans, medium to dark roasted, become a delicious coffee drink, the best for coffee enthusiasts.
  • Gong Cha: has been appreciated by its customers, relying on good words of mouth and unique customized services originated in Taiwan. From then on, the story of Gong cha has widely spread, and Gong cha has become one of the best-known quality tea providers in the world.
  • Tous Les Jours: means 'every day' in French. Tous les Jours is a "French-Asian-inspired" bakery primarily serving a selection of baked goods and beverages.
  • Crustle Chicken is a local fast-food restaurant which is made by Cambodian, delicious Asian style, reasonable price, guaranteed to eat once and really want to eat again.
  • Dim Sum Emperors: serves varieties of dim sum and Cantonese food in Southeast Asia.
  • Snow Yogurt: was founded in 2009, Snow Yogurt was the first frozen yogurt shop in Cambodia, starting with the first idea of serving healthy food, supplying a rich source of healthy ingredients. Snow Yogurt serves frozen yogurt, fresh yogurt, fresh yogurt smoothie, fresh juice, snow twist, and coffee.
  • Dairy Queen: is the best soft serve Ice Cream Parlor in the world with almost 700 outlets. With unique fashionable products such as Oreo Blizzard served upside side, delicious hotdogs, and refreshing drinks, Dairy Queen offers sharable treats and smiles! DQ selects only the highest quality ingredients to create the one-of-a-kind taste.
  • Potato Corner: is the home of the “World’s Best Flavored French Fries" since 1992. Potato Corner’s unique take on the classic French fry is quite simple - flavor it so people will savor it. That simple concept has seen our brand grow from just a small food cart in a Philippines night market to the international phenomenon that it is today. You can now enjoy Potato Corner’s brand of flavored French fries at K Mall.
  • Badamyalam: is selling a variety of musical instruments, children’s toys, and other entertainment equipment, for people of all ages who love music and entertainment and bring happiness to your family.

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