Siem Reap: A Designer’s Perspective is a book that celebrates contemporary Cambodian culture in all its forms. Divided into 4 sections; Spaces, Eat & Drink, Art & Craft and Explore, readers will discover some of the most inspirational places, spaces, and faces in Siem Reap today.

"Any discussion of Siem Reap is quite rightly framed against the majestic outline of its glorious temples. They are worth crossing oceans for, and the city owes its development to these justified wonders of the world. Inseparable, the city and the nearby temples exist in a symbiotic relationship that bridges ancient and modern worlds. Within such a grand arc of time, it is impossible to capture the breadth of experience in a single lifetime, let alone a single holiday, or a book.

This book naturally, is the story of our community. We know that among the millions of visitors to Siem Reap, so many share our motivations. We are eager to recount all our favorite people, places and spaces with you, but the city’s flourishing arts and culture scene is too large to feature them all within these pages. This collection is just a glimpse of what Siem Reap has to offer. The rest, you’ll be happy to know, is waiting to be discovered."

Nataly Lee, Designer & Photographer

"The idea of this book came from many conversations I had with my good friend and collaborator, Nataly Lee. We share a great passion and veneration for Siem Reap, and always discuss how we can play our little part in bringing out the best of this amazing city to the world. Nataly is a talented and prolific designer, but what I like the most about her is her keen sense of place and her rare ability to see beneath the surface and discover something special. Through her artful visual storytelling, she is able to narrate a unique perspective that is both sincere and captivating.

We must ask ourselves what kind of future we want for Siem Reap, and support the communities that can help create it. The community featured in this book want to see Siem Reap as a place that does justice to its heritage. Through their individual vision, talents, and commitment, each member of the community is contributing to the betterment of the city they love."

Hok Kang, Urbanland Founder

Siem Reap: A Designer’s Perspective is available for purchase directly at Treeline Urban Resort in Siem Reap or online via SATU.

Born in Cambodia and raised in New Zealand and Australia, Nataly Lee is a designer, photographer, stylist and creative director currently based in Phnom Penh. Working in a range of fields and across different platforms, Nataly has worked with brands such as Virgin Airlines, Sony Music, Converse, Rosewood Hotels, Song Saa, Six Senses, ABA Bank, The Gallery of Modern Art, Treeline and Aman, to name a few.

Nataly and her work have been featured in magazines and publications around the world, and when she is not making things look beautiful, you'll find her out in nature, brainstorming her next big project.