Sculpted as a comfortable living room with a wooden triangle roof, Chankiri Pop-Up's structure is covered by a transparent wall with an inviting sofa in the middle and soft cotton-like cushions, surrounded by green indoor plants that draw one's eyes in. 

Walking passed this 4-meter by 3-meter living room evokes a feeling of homecoming, causing the rhythm of stride to pause for a moment and appreciate the setup's unique layout.

Nestled in a crowded public space, Chankiri Pop-Up exudes the calmness and peaceful sensation where you can rest and take in the beauty of nature while enjoying board games and other fun activities with your friends and family as if sitting right at your own home.

At Urbanland, we always believe in better, which motivates us to improve and think differently on any project we work on. We embrace a design philosophy that places people at the heart of everything we do. We commit to delivering excellence and outstanding quality to our customers and the broader community. Chankiri Pop-Up is one of these design-centric aspirations.

The Chankiri Pop-up initiative is inspired by Borey Chankiri itself, driven by design-focused and people-centered principles. Known as an award-winning residential development, Borey Chankiri stands out for its community-based master plan, lush greenery, and multi-functional design that creates a unique living experience for each homeowner.

Striving for the best sensory experience, our guests will enjoy similar homey feelings as if they were visiting Chankiri home and are introduced to our work philosophy. We conceptualised our home by creating green spaces that enable the community to thrive and reconnect with nature through refreshing features and fostering a like-minded community to step forward into better living.

As soon as you enter Chankiri Pop-up, you will be greeted by our host, who will provide needed information and always be ready to respond to all your inquiries, ranging from the specifics of each functional aspect of the home to how much the light impacts the area throughout the day. 

We are also available to assist you with dependable payment methods and purchasing procedures so that you may plan, budget, and make investments for the future. 

Additionally, Borey Chankiri provides a special deal with a discount of up to 13% or a monthly payment of 0.7% for all home purchases. Moreover, you have a loan option with a maximum of 100% and the lowest rate of 4.39%.

Buying a house is a once-in-a-lifetime investment. Once you have found a home online, it is more than just looking at the listing photos or taking virtual tours. It is essential to go the extra mile to see it in person, feel the home and understand the location as well as the surrounding area. Therefore, Chankiri Pop-Up offers you the first step to experiencing your future home.

Borey Chankiri is strategically situated on the South side of Phnom Penh, which is undergoing rapid development, becoming a perfect asset for exponential growth. Merely 10 minutes from Aeon Mall Mean Chey, Borey Chankiri stands along national road 2 with convenient access to K Mall Prek Thnaot, world-class international schools, and within the vicinity of all services you and your family might need.

We have come to the conclusion that home has a significant impact on our lives - and building a home embedded with our core values of quality, durability, and craftsmanship is extremely important for our people. 

Contact us now for a special offer and home viewing at Borey Chankiri. 

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