Urbanland is grateful and humbled to be taking part in supporting of the healthcare and treatment in Cambodia through a donation of USD 10.000 to the Kantha Bopha Cambodia Foundation.

The donation ceremony took place on Friday. December 09. 2022, with Ms. Diep Lida, Deputy of Chief Executive Officer, and Ms. Chheang Viola, Director of Human Resources​​​, at Kantha Bopha Children IV Hospital.

As committed to giving back to the community, we believe that participating and promoting the livelihood of children and the community are compulsory. By taking initiative steps now we can contribute to saving the lives of our children who are encountering health problems.

As one of the members of ISI GROUP, Urbanland is consistently supporting and advocating for positive social initiatives and contributions in any way possible for we are committed to giving back to the community and social impacts in Cambodia.