Get to know: Sreyroth Pan - The numerate with a lovely laugh

Did you know? Sreyroth has experienced remarkable career advancement during her five-year tenure at Urbanland. Beyond her consistently exceptional analytical capabilities, her positive demeanor, characterized by her infectious laughter and radiant smile, has fostered a fun and motivating work environment for her team and across departments.

Could you please explain your role at Urbanland? What duties do you have at Urbanland?

As a Financial Planning and Analysis professional, I am responsible for assisting in budget planning and performance monitoring. I meticulously analyze various financial data, including revenues, expenditures, and cash management details. This in-depth analysis ensures that all operational activities align with established budgets.

Can you describe your key milestones or journey at Urbanland?

I initially began as an Assistant Accounting in 2019, subsequently transitioning to Account Payable in 2020. My responsibilities grew significantly in 2021 when I became an Executive in Accounting. Most recently, in 2024, I was promoted to Senior Executive, taking on a broader role in Financial Planning and Analyst.

How is it like working with the team at Urbanland?

Working at Urbanland feels like being part of a big family. The warm and welcoming environment encourages self-expression, exploration, and continuous growth. Recently, I had the opportunity to help organize The Big Meet Up and Khmer New Year Event. Despite encountering numerous challenges, we managed to pull it off thanks to our collaborative teamwork. These memories are now cherished and unforgettable.

What can you tell us more about your experience preparing for the Big Meet Up and Khmer New Year events that you prepared earlier this year?

It's the first time for me to be part of the preparation event for Big Meet Up and KNY. It was quite challenging at first, and I was not confident at all. The biggest challenge for us was the outdoor event space; it's quite small, and since we have a lot of participants and, on the other hand, it's a KNY celebration, we also need additional space to prepare for the game. However, we still manage to make it happen successfully by working collaboratively together, sharing ideas, and imagining scenarios until we come up with a better option.

Please share us your communication tips to run that event as it requires cross department collaboration.

  • Set clear objective and expectations
  • Keep everyone on track by regular check in & updates
  • Always be an active listener
  • Remain positive attitude and be open for receptive feedback