Back in the 1990s, most people sought to live in the middle of the city to find wealth due to the rise of market forces and for livelihood reasons. People's opinions toward homes have shifted as the population has grown, the demand for housing has increased, infrastructure has improved, and utility services are available everywhere. People also appear to seek out houses in more calming, slow-paced neighbourhoods away from the hustling and bustling areas for a variety of reasons.

According to research, living in a calming, and low-density area is beneficial to your physical and emotional wellbeing. From the tranquillity and noise-free environment of your own home to the enhanced capacity to sleep, lower stress levels, and boost mental health. People can step away from the rush and chaos of daily life, and take some time to slow down, relax, and unwind in quieter, secluded environments.

Peaceful neighborhood can also help foster a sense of belonging and community harmony. When there are fewer distractions and hectic, residents can interact more meaningfully with one another and their surroundings. In that sense, the moment one steps into the home block, there is a sense of belonging and security. Even when you are away from home, you can be confident that everything will be fine because you live in a safe gated community where everyone knows each other, exactly like in a close-knit village where you frequently make small conversations and exchange gifts on occasion.

The demand is more obvious after the world-changing experience of the Coronavirus pandemic. Studies have shown that more people are escaping the constraints of cities in search of green space because of the pandemic, which has caused another look at urban living. People embrace living somewhere that can improve their quality of life psychologically and physically and of course, the serene and peaceful neighbourhood. 

Living in a community surrounded by green parks, landscapes, and natural scenes without having buildings or other constructions in your view can unwind and create a sense of restfulness that city folks might not easily get to enjoy. This tranquility can contribute to lower stress levels, and an overall feeling of well-being, and reduce stress levels.

Given the context of local real estate development, Urbanland included all these elements in its most recent residential project, Borey Chankiri 2. For those seeking the advantages of city living and peace without the noise and congestion of urban life, Borey Chankiri 2 is the ideal location. It is a new creek-fronted residential and shophouse development that promotes social connections and a slower pace of life.

Not only in this latest project but at Chankiri, the masterplan is a worthwhile ecosystem that fosters human interactions and nature community experiences. Creating parks within walking distance, connected by winding pathways to explore a human-centered design masterplan and promote the well-being of the community, with absolute attention to quality, durability, and craftsmanship.

Home has a significant impact on life as well as the surroundings wherever one lives. Borey Chankiri is one of the potential options to consider if you want a calm neighborhood with easy access to all amenities.

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