Meet Sana - A Day in the Life as An Assistant Accountant at Urbanland

Sana is an assistant accountant at Urbanland. She first started her journey as an intern accountant, but after her 3-month internship ended, she got promoted to full-time staff in the finance department based on her high performance, strong commitment, and communication skills.

We will follow Sana as she takes us through her day at Urbanland and shares with us the goals and aspirations that drive her.

Tell us about how you start your day at Urbanland!

My morning routine is more or less the same every day. I usually have breakfast at home and then head to the office.

Once settled at my desk, I would check the schedules and due dates of the payments for clients. I also have a cup of coffee and some bread to keep my energy up and ready to conquer the day. Then I would start arranging a meeting with my finance team regarding payment collections.

Throughout the day, my team and I take a short break for some refreshments to clear our minds and connect with each other. Before we finish work, we would also plan for a weekend dinner catch-up and hang out together, and that is how we typically end our days.

What is the fun part about your job at Urbanland?

The most rewarding part of my job is that I have been able to develop a bond with my teammates in a more connected, inclusive, and friendly environment.

My team always finds ways to support each other by having a meet-up to openly discuss our work and figure out effective processes together. This connection ensures that our work will always be error-free, efficient, and exceptional.

How do you keep yourself motivated?

The hardest thing about working in the accounting field is staying concentrated. Being at my desk for hours can be exhausting, but the key to keeping me motivated and successful is having a positive attitude. 

I always like to remind myself that I am here to learn and get new working experiences. Therefore anything that comes my way should never be viewed as a barrier to me.

What’s something you want to learn, achieve, or wish you were better at?

Well, I want to be better every day by drawing inspiration and valuable experience from my teammates and manager. 

At Urbanland, I can focus on being more productive, efficient, and reliable. Ultimately, through every new challenge that I face, I can grow and become an even better version of myself.

What are some random fun facts about you?

I like telling funny jokes to my teammates. Being pleasant and cheerful is one of the joys I love since I am sure that whenever I make myself a delight to be around, others will be happy, too.

What’s something you’re proud of, both personally and professionally?

The thing I am proud of myself professionally is when I finished my internship with Urbanland. The moment I was informed that I passed and got promoted to full-time staff, I was overjoyed and proud of myself for this achievement.

At work, I also feel motivated by my very good team. All of my teammates are kind-hearted people. They are open-minded and positive, and they never say no when I need their help.

Another personal achievement that I am proud of is that I can see some improvement in my problem-solving skills. Before I used to shy away when there were any challenges I had to deal with. 

Now, I view challenges as new opportunities to grow and gain experience from. So, instead of running away from problems like I used to, I am now determined to face them head-on. The most important part of it all is that I can now see myself becoming a more mature person.