As the sun rises over Veng Sreng, the neighborhood springs to life with bustling activities. Amidst the thousands of families and communities in this vibrant area, Chankiri shophouse will stand out with its unique charms and characters.

Chankiri Shophouse
is situated in ISI PARK, the only mixed-use business and lifestyle hub in the Veng Sreng area. This is an ideal location for business owners to thrive, offering opportunities for growth and expansion across various industries. The infrastructure and amenities are already in place, providing a seamless transition for commercial operations.

With a thoughtful approach to design and functionality, ISI PARK caters to the diverse needs of city-living, business ventures, and entertainment. This exceptional location marks as the premier choice for those seeking to establish an influential presence in the area.

The design philosophy is deeply rooted in quality, durability, and craftsmanship. From the exterior to the interior design, it aims to create spaces that are not only visually stunning but also functional and enduring.

With commitment to human-centered design, it shines through in every aspect of the project, including careful-crafted sidewalks for pedestrians and generous parking space that promote positive street activity. The design and layout of the shophouse with side stairs creates flexibility and spaciousness, inviting natural light and air-ventilation. They are not only convenient and practical, but also aesthetically pleasing, creating a welcoming and vibrant environment for residents and visitors.

Developed by Urbanland, a Cambodian home-grown real estate company, Chankiri Shophouse aims to improve the quality of life in the city for residents and neighboring communities. Through the transformation of Veng Sreng's culture and lifestyle, our goal is to establish a clean and dynamic environment that encourages growth. This initiative not only benefits current residents but also attracts newcomers in search of a thriving community to call home.

Through strategic planning and collaboration, Chankiri Shophouse set itself apart from all others in the area, making it a truly special place in the heart of the bustling Veng Sreng, where every day is filled with endless possibilities and opportunities.