Raintree, living up to its name, displays a mesmerizing beauty that embodies the essence of nature's vitality and growth. With its deep-rooted foundation, it thrives in even the hardest conditions, providing shelter and shade under its expansive canopy.

In the bustling city of Phnom Penh, Raintree is Cambodia's first creative office development that takes a fresh approach to workspace design. It proudly emerges at a center of towering commercial high-rises and humbly embraces a modest scale. The innovative design gracefully spans five floors, seamlessly integrating flexible and collaborative work areas. 

Raintree also fostered community energy on the vibrant streetscape below, transforming the once-chaotic urban side street into a tranquil retail zone softened with green tree canopies and public spaces. 

Workers from around the area gather here. Raintree’s common spaces to enjoy their lunch breaks, socialize over coffee, or simply relax under the cool shade of our namesake trees.

Developed by Urbanland in 2016, this unique workspace and venue fosters creativity and cultivates a shared purpose among diverse professionals and businesses. The end goal was to establish an environment where ideas could flow freely, nurturing a culture of creativity, possibility and passion with new innovations to go beyond the boundaries. This is evident in a celebrated rooftop event space, which serves as a platform for networking, collaborating, and community-building.

For Urbanland, the experience developing Raintree has shown that even as "a small player amongst giants," we can have a substantial impact on the community. We have learned that scale doesn't define success; rather, it is passion, dedication, and innovation that drive us forward. With this realization, Urbanland are now ready to take on even greater challenges and create transformative developments that will shape the future of meaningful real estate development in Cambodia.