PHNOM PENH, 21 June 2019 --- As the month comes to an end, on June 30th Urbanland’s very own Treeline Urban Resort in Siem Reap will be wrapping up the current exhibition Learning From the Past, dedicated to Cambodia’s esteemed architect, Vann Molyvann. If you are in Siem Reap and have yet to visit the Treeline Gallery, we recommend you take the opportunity to experience for yourself what was well put by Khmer Times as “emblems of Vann Molyvann’s greatness”.

Mr. Vann Molyvann’s reputation as the man who built Cambodia shines through in the maestro’s works of art manifested in landmarks throughout the nation, from the prominent lotus shaped Independence Monument to the Olympic Stadium.

When visiting the exhibition, you can expect to gain insights into the master architect’s historic designs during his career revealed through the unique architectural models, drawings and photographs on display.

Siem Reap is at the core of Khmer cultural heritage and at Urbanland and Treeline Urban Resort, we recognize this immeasurable value. Treeline Urban Resort is a sanctuary for art and design lovers and will continue to celebrate local artists with many more exhibitions to come as part of a long-term goal to revitalize Siem Reap. This exhibition is only one step in a long journey, but we are proud to lead our community in the right direction.

It has been an honor for Urbanland and Treeline Urban Resort to pay tribute to the talented Vann Molyvann through this exhibition in collaboration with the Vann Molyvann Project. We hope the exhibition inspires young aspiring architects and showcases the proud work of Khmer artists to our international visitors.

Although we are saddened to part ways from this momentous exhibition, we look forward to the exciting contemporary art collection that will be coming to Treeline Urban Resort on July 20th as we continue to foster Cambodian talent and cultural heritage. Be sure to look out for upcoming announcements for more details!