PHNOM PENH, 16 July 2019 --- Excitement is in the air as our teams at Urbanland and Treeline Urban Resort prepare for the resort’s third art exhibition since its opening in November 2019.

The exhibition titled Ti Prasap, meaning “Confluence” in English, will open on July 21, 2019 and run until September 30. It is a collection of 14 contemporary artworks by 12 Cambodian artists thoughtfully curated by Meta Meong from a private collection belonging to Larry Strange. Strange is an Australian resident in Cambodia whose keen interest in contemporary art led him to acquire his favorite Cambodian modern artworks since 2004, assembling a rather impressive collection today.

It is a proud moment for Treeline Gallery to house artworks by some of the most significant figures in the Cambodian contemporary art scene. This includes Svay Ken - one of only two contemporary artists to survive the Khmer genocide, and Pich Sopheap - world renowned artists whose artworks have been featured in prestigious institutions like the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, Singapore Art Museum and the Guggenheim.

Before you visit the exhibition, let us ask what does the Khmer word Ti Prasap or “Confluence” mean to you?

Prasap can be the mix of different medium in art as esteemed artist Pich Sopheap is well known for. It can also be the meeting point of dislocation and trauma from the Khmer Rouge genocide with the simple beauty of everyday life after the civil war, as painted by Kvay Sen in his illustrious oil painting Electrical Lines.

Treeline Urban Resort in itself is also a place of confluence or Ti Prasap. It is the convergence of our founder’s passion for art and design with his love for the warm nature of Khmer hospitality. Visit the exhibition to discover what Ti Prasap means in the eyes of our 12 artists and the hidden perspectives embedded in what makes Treeline Urban Resort an art oasis.