As a homegrown developer, we were founded in 2013 with a belief in making people’s lives better through creating inspirational spaces to enable fellow Cambodians to build a life they aspire towards, leading change one place, one community at a time.

Urbanland is so excited to announce the official release of our video which aims to introduce our new tagline, ‘Believe in Better’, to fellow Cambodians and hopefully, the world.

‘Believe in Better’ represents our aspirations - to create spaces towards a better way of living, a better community, a better environment, and better days for everyone. It is not just how we put it into words, but also how we put it into action and make it happen.

Our video is inspired by the true story of our colleague at HKA & Partners, So Vitou. HKA & Partners was also founded by our managing director, Hok Kang. One of HKA & Partners’ key projects is the design of Brown cafes in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap that we get to enjoy today, as well many Urbanland projects such as Treeline Urban Resort, Embassy Central and Raintree. The storyline shares Vitou's journey of making a difference in his own way through his design talents, hard work and belief.

However, this video is not just about Vitou's dream, it's about everyone's dream – especially those working towards achieving their aspirations to lead change. Vitou's inspiring story is a demonstration of the power of belief. Keep going, keep believing and never give up.

Enjoy the video and share it among your friends and family for a dose of encouragement and inspiration!

We would also like to give big thank you to our HKA & Urbanland’s superstars – Satya Seang, Chanlyhour Chhann, Sieklim Sinn, Kimhean Hok, Lina Leang, Botreaksmey Khun, Hakse Tam, Panhchany Sang, Chhairath Thlang, Sovannaroth Men, Sou Thou, Hanifash Soeur and Simey Phary for their active participation and input. Thanks to our in-house talent, Sam (Viraksomethi), for delivering such a powerful message through the voice-over and thanks to our real-life hero, Vitou, for sharing his personal story to help empower others and light the way for those who are walking a similar path.