Badminton Tournament by U-Active

U-Active Badminton Tournament is another initiative by U-Active program dedicated to encouraging our employees to take care of their health and engage with everyone from across departments.

U-Active Badminton Tournament's training session participated by Urbanland, Raintree Cambodia, and HKA & Partners. The training session lasted for 4 weeks, and the tournament happened on the 5th week of the U-Active Badminton Tournament.

After completing the badminton training program, we held qualifying and final matches for men’s and mixed doubles. The purpose of this tournament extends beyond winning or losing; it aims to inspire our teams to prioritize their well-being, foster stronger relationships, and enhance their overall productivity.

These are some of the best moments from U-Active Badminton Tournament qualifying and final matches with the participation of Urbanland, Raintree, and HKA & Partners teams on 04 November 2023.

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