Superstar 2023: Gala Night

The 2023 Annual Party of Urbanland took place on 10 November 2023, marking a decade of success and progress.  It was the highly anticipated annual party, excitement filled the air and people from every department gathered with eager anticipation, ready to celebrate and have a great time. Held at the magnificent Tonle Bassac II restaurant, nestled in the heart of Monivong District, the event unfolded with an award and many lucky draw announcements.

The highlight of the event was set to be the performances of all departments from HR to Procurement to Sales to showcase their talents and creativity. 

With an array of delicious foods, various drinks, plus lots of great music and dancing,the atmosphere buzzed with infectious energy as everyone engaged in meaningful conversations, capturing cherished moments at the photo booth.

The event concluded with a sense of collective achievement, and everyone went home with memories of an unforgettable evening filled with joy, celebration, and a renewed sense of unity within the organization.