On 7 February 2024, Urbanland held a town hall meeting called “The Big Meet Up”.

During the event, Mr. Hok Kang, our CEO provided updates on various aspects of the company. He also introduced the new core values that will guide us this year. It was an exciting event that brought together employees from different departments to hear firsthand about the achievements, challenges, and future plans of our company.

Ms. Sithen Kem, our Sales Director, joined as a special speaker, delivered an inspiring talk on how she found her purpose and passion in life and what made her who she is today.

As The Big Meet Up coincided with the Lunar New Year, we took the opportunity to celebrate this joyous occasion together.
The Big Meet Up on a high note, various snacks were served at the end ofthe event. This casual setting provided an opportunity for employees to mingle, exchange ideas, and build connections across different departments. 

The opportunity to connect with colleagues from different teams and levels of the organization not only enhances collaboration but also strengthens interpersonal relationships. It creates a sense of belonging and togetherness, establishing a positive and engaging work environment.