Villa Plous V2 is the ultimate dream home for a growing family, young professionals or entrepreneurs, and those who look for a perfect blend of beauty and functionality in a home. Villa Plous is an excellent choice for you and your family with younger children and older parents. 

Embodied the Chankiri DNA, Villa Plous V2 adheres to the human-centered design philosophy that is inspired by the nature, focusing on quality, durability, and craftsmanship to create homes that stand the test of time.


Breathing in the fresh air and basking in natural light within the comfort of your own home, Villa Plous V2 embodies the uniqueness of Chankiri, offering invigorating and uplifting space. Villa Plous V2's new feature provides the perfect blend of socialisation and privacy, allowing the homeowner to tailor their living space according to their needs.


  • The master bedroom on the first floor of Villa Plous is extensive and comfortable, with ample storage space and an ensuite bathroom. It also includes a room for the youngest child, which can be used as a nursery or a playroom.
  • The second floor of Villa Plous features a room for the older child. Alternatively, it can be used as a cozy guest room or a room for elderly parents.
  • The large and semi-open kitchen in Villa Plous is designed to keep the family and friends well-connected in the living room, while still maintaining the flexibility to close it off. This new unique feature of the semi-open kitchen also creates a bright and airy space, making it perfect for families and friends to spend time together and rejoice in comfort and convenience with a vibrant living space.
  • The kitchen area is functional and stylish equipped with modern appliances and fixtures, including with massive storage space and windows for natural light and air-ventilation.
  • The essential design of Villa Plous is complete with large-sized balconies, offering unparalleled views of the beautiful surroundings.

Aspire towards better living for your family with Borey Chankiri 2. Please, visit our Sales Gallery to find the perfect home for your family’s needs.

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