Introducing Villa Udom Thom, our newest and largest home type at borey Chankiri!

Urbanland has unveiled one of its most sought-after properties at Chankiri Palm Creek extension in response to the growing demand for larger units by our current homebuyers and the broader community in Phnom Penh. 

The largest in both land footprint and home size, the five-bedroom home pushed our design elements for better living to a whole new level and is ideal for a multi-generational family.

Here is how Villa Udom has been thoughtfully designed to be both functional, aesthetically pleasing and flexible to your family’s changing needs as it grows.  

  • Stunning design accompanied by beautiful garden views and private pool 
  • Ample natural ventilation and natural light creates airy and well-ventilated living space 
  • Larger land size with extended car parking space can accommodate up to 3 cars and enlarged backyard that is designed to become a function space of its own 
  • Additional Bedroom for senior family members on the ground floor with en suite 
  • A larger kitchen that is connected to a back of house service area via an internal corridor 
  • Many Villa Udom Thom are located at prime locations next to the park areas that give them "tri-frontages" appearance (an additional side view of adjacent parks and gardens) 
  • Practical and adaptable multi-purpose room with a garden view that can be transformed into its rightful use, depending on your specific need.
  • Extra-large balcony for more outdoor space to enjoy fresh air and views of nearby parks and amenities to unwind both in the morning and evening. 

Visit Chankiri Palm Creek Sales Gallery today to find out more about Villa Udom Thom and secure a good location. 

Call us today at 061 888 580 or 015 588 580 for more information or to book a visit to your future home.