Being A Salesperson Is Not About Selling, It's About Being A Fantastic Host

Molida is natural at sales. She has the skills to excel at her job: She’s passionate, persuasive, persistent, patient, and team-oriented. A few years ago, she graduated with an Economics and Business degree and immediately landed a role in sales, selling condominiums.

When the high-rise was sold out, she joined Urbanland’s borey Chankiri with a mission: to help her customers find the best property they need within their budget while supporting herself financially. Without much expectation, the nurturing she receives while working here pleasantly surprised her.

Molida says that Urbanland's culture is very different from her previous workplace. The company has a 'bottom-up' feel, she says. Her colleagues are not afraid to share their opinions in order to improve work and the team. She feels safe and empowered to give feedback to her manager as she knows that she is open to hearing ideas from her staff.

"Beyond being a saleswoman, I strive to be a warm and helpful adviser to my guests."

Excelling at her job as a saleswoman, she is now trying to move beyond that status by learning how to become a great host for people visiting her show homes. The idea is this: What can she do to make people feel welcome while visiting her home? How can she make people remember their experiences?

To be a great hostess, you have to be observant, she said. Whether you use the right words or not, it comes down to one’s ability to react to your customers' needs and wants. She believes that one should pay attention to their customer’s personalities and watch how they react when they are shown certain things—whether they love talking or listening or whether they prefer solitude.

Watch her video.