Creating Opportunities: Daroth’s Journey

Daroth's dream was to go abroad to pursue further study when he graduated from college, but the opportunity never seem to come. After graduating with an Engineering degree, he stumbled upon a project management role at Urbanland. It was not exactly his area of expertise, but for an Engineering graduate, he said that you only have two options, either you work on-site or work as a civil engineer.

He decided to fill the niche in Cambodia’s construction industry when he focused on his current job as a construction project manager, focusing on operations management. He realized that with the right tools and knowledge, he could build a fulfilling career and reach his ultimate purpose—creating spaces to improve people’s lives.

Daroth did not let the fact that he had never gone abroad hinder him from pursuing a higher level of education. He enrolled in online seminars, courses, and an online MBA program to expand his skills. His hope is that by doing so, he can pave the way for other Cambodians to make it to the management level in the field, which is uncommon.

"We should own our goals and be proactive to make progress towards them."

Daroth says, "My goal is to move to the management level in construction. Because most Cambodian schools don't offer the skillset necessary to fill management positions, much of the field is currently occupied by foreigners. This invisible glass ceiling means that many Cambodians in the field can't grow beyond their current jobs. What they practice every day doesn't give them the tools to level up their game."

Luckily, Daroth’s manager at UBL talks a lot with the team about project management. He took advantage of his manager's coaching sessions to hone his project management skills even further. According to Daroth, “Management has a good relationship with us. They are always sharing tips with us on how we can be better at our jobs while also being responsible citizens of Cambodia.”

Daroth's dedication extends beyond work. At home, he is always working hard to improve his village. He collaborates with his village chief to pave a new walkway for people in the village and is still working diligently on this project.

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