Get to Know Moninha Sokpich: The Energetic Accounting Officer

Introducing Moninha, starting as a spirited Accounting Intern, he has now stepped into the role of a full-time Accounting Officer. Moninha is the youngest and newest addition to our Finance and Accounting team at Urbanland! With a twinkle in his eyes and ambition in his step, Moninha is ready to ride the urban wave and chase dreams beyond the horizon!

What motivated you to apply for an internship at Urbanland?

After spotting the job post, I stalked Urbanland’s social media accounts. There, I stumbled upon the fun engagement events, revealing a vibrant culture with a bunch of seemingly friendly and fun-loving people. That was when I decided to apply for an internship here and indeed made the right decision.

How do you like working at Urbanland?

During my internship, I successfully prepared all management invoice fees in just two days! I am proud of this achievement, as this task was new for me, and I managed to complete it with minimal supervision. This accomplishment was a testament to my hard work and adaptability in challenging situations, making it one of the standout moments of my internship.

How has your internship at Urbanland helped you grow personally and professionally?

At Urbanland, I improved my communication and time management skills by interacting with various stakeholders. Balancing work and university studies was challenging, but I learned effective time management. My internship broadened my perspective beyond my major in Auditing and Taxation, deepening my understanding of accounting concepts.

Can you share a memorable experience or moment from your internship at Urbanland?

I appreciate how friendly and supportive everyone is at Urbanland. Since joining, I've always felt included, whether at team gatherings or lunchtime. I love the open office space for fostering creativity and collaboration. One of my most memorable moments is seeing everyone from different departments come together during company events, sharing fun conversations and meals.