Get to know - Sokharath

Meet Sarin Sokharath, Urbanland's dynamic office manager for over 7 years. She specializes in the art of keeping the office running smoothly and brightening the room with her infectious smile. Ever since joining Urbanland in 2016, she has consistently found new and innovative ways to stay motivated and inspired at work with her dedication and positive attitude. Sokharath particularly appreciates the culture at Urbanland that genuinely cares for all employees.

"Urbanland feels like a family and a second home to me. I love that we prioritise our people and the community."

She believes that this is what sets Urbanland apart from others. By focusing on its people and community, Urbanland has created a culture that is inclusive, supportive, and collaborative, and she is proud to be a part of this community at Urbanland. Sokharath also values personal and professional growth, especially when working with a team that is open and eager to learn. "I'm grateful to work with people who are willing to learn, and the progress of my team makes me proud of what I'm doing."

Working with an incredibly supportive and attentive team is the most rewarding aspect of her job. She appreciates the meaningful work, the people, and the company's vision and mission, which embody the core value of “Believe in Better”. Urbanland is an award-winning company that has been a real estate developer in the kingdom for 10 years and continues to move forward. She envisions herself growing professionally here at Urbanland.

As a plant enthusiast, she derives immense pleasure from caring for them. This also reflects in the company's commitment to the environment and the local community. She is thrilled to launch her upcoming green initiative, "Office Go Green," which she plans to execute this year. In addition to this, she has several other exciting engagement activities that she is eager to carry out with her mindset of believing in better, which drives her to constantly seek out new ways to create a more positive impact.