Upon meeting Visoth, one is immediately struck by his stylish demeanor and smooth conversational skills. However, there is much more to this former Assistant Admin, now a Tax Officer at Urbanland. Visoth is pleased to share his untold story of his time working at Urbanland, revealing his unique journey of growth, learning, and transformation.

"I started from zero when I first began here, and working at Urbanland has taught me to think differently," he explained. "I'm grateful to work with a team that shares one goal and one heart.

Visoth has been an integral part of Urbanland for nearly three years, starting his career first as an administrative assistant in 2021. Visoth's horizon of competence and skills has expanded dramatically despite the short-time span. The trip does not end there, and the desire to keep moving and learning has pushed him to attempt something new.

As a fresh graduate in Economics, Visoth has always been passionate about expanding his knowledge in related fields. After demonstrating his credibility and expertise, Visoth was able to transition to a new role within the company in early 2023. "The opportunity they provided me to explore a different working area is a steppingstone that will benefit my career path in many ways," he claimed.

With a bright smile, Visoth describes Urbanland as a place where, "I can work with great people with great culture." Join us in congratulating Visoth on his achievement and wishing him continued growth on his journey ahead.