Get to Know Sreyeang Khan: The Fairy of Customer Care

Meet Sreyeang Khan, the helpful intern of our Customer Care team at Borey Chankiri! Sreyeang plays a crucial role in coordinating reports and house handover lists, in addition to assisting with various other customer care tasks.  Even though she’s gearing up for her next big adventure, let’s hit the rewind button and remember her journey here with us.

What motivated you to apply for an internship at Urbanland?

My work history was limited to cafes and convenience stores, which meant I lacked computer skills. Eager for a change and self-improvement, I came across Urbanland’s job ad for a customer care intern. It struck me as an impressive company where I could grow both personally and professionally, so I decided to apply.

How do you like working with Urbanland?

The genuine warmth and helpfulness of everyone here are truly rewarding. Despite my initial struggles with computer tasks, the guidance from my seniors and supervisor has equipped me with the confidence and skills needed to handle reports and house handover lists proficiently.

How has your internship at Urbanland helped you grow personally and professionally?

Since joining Urbanland, I've been exploring new tasks and improving my communication skills. This internship has been invaluable for both my soft and hard skills development, especially in customer service. I'm now more confident in my interactions and believe this experience will benefit my future career.

Can you share a memorable experience or moment from your time here?

Among many memorable moments with my team here, our post-work dinner get-togethers stand out the most. It's heartwarming to see everyone unwind over a meal and share stories about their day. Urbanland fosters a collaborative work environment where people thrive in harmony with the community and environment. The team is incredibly friendly, supportive, and always open to feedback. You'll learn a lot from these amazing individuals.