Home Office - What kind of space makes you more productive?

Ready to redefine your workspace and unlock a new level of productivity at home? Studies have shown that the future of work is undergoing a transformative shift, where traditional office desks are making way for hybrid and remote setups. Evolving human behavior in the workplace calls for a fresh approach to enhance the employee experience.

Home office Borey chankiri

This trend has become even more popular in many professions, especially after the lockdown of the coronavirus, where most work needs to be completed remotely. Whether you are running a business from home or a 9-to-5 office person, creating a home office can be exactly what you need to work efficiently, achieve great work-life balance, avoid distractions, and avoid procrastination.

Here are some tips and tricks for creating a productive workspace at home:


If you can't bear the noise, the first step to creating a productive working environment in your house should be finding the quietest spot and setting up a separate room with a door that you can close. Another essential aspect to consider is lighting. Ideally, you should have windows in the room where you plan to establish your home office. Natural light is beneficial for your eyes, and it plays a pivotal role in cultivating a pleasant work environment while keeping drowsiness at bay.


Greenery can help breathe life into your room, circulate oxygen and nurture your creative energy. When designing your home office, contemplate where and how you can incorporate natural elements. Do you have ample space for larger plants? Is there access to natural light, which certain plants may thrive on? Regardless of the greenery you choose to introduce, even if it's a humble cactus, you'll never regret it. Embrace the power of nature and watch as your workspace blossoms with vitality.


Having an organized and tidy working place will inspire your creativity and help you focus. When designing your home office, consider the functionality of the products as well as their placement. Because it is very individual, you should know what works best for you. Ensure you have easy access to all the tools needed for your work.

Your home and space have a significant impact on your productivity when you work from home. And if you are looking for an ideal home that has multi-functional space, flexibility and enough natural light and ventilation that fits best for a home office, Borey Chankiri is one of the great options.


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Having a space and environment that allows you to feel alive and thrive as the best version of yourself really matters. Please do not hesitate to learn more about what Borey Chankiri has to offer here.