How People-Centered Design Concept is Crafted and Shaped at Chankiri Pop-Up (Special Edition) Reimagine Your Better Way of Living

More than just a typical Pop-up event, Chankiri always pushes the boundary and creates the possibility of better change in our work with people at heart. Based on that belief, the new creation of the Chankiri Pop-Up (Special Edition) Reimagine Your Better Way of Living is developed.

Wise people say beauty is more than skin deep. That is why our three-day Chankiri Pop-Up (Special Edition) is intentionally designed with not just beauty but also new innovative concepts that stand out like no others. Situated in the middle of Aeon Mall Meanchey, Chankiri Pop-Up came with a tagline that clearly states: Reimagine Your Better Way of Living, which is a combination of exhibition and meaningful sharing experience that is well-crafted for you with tips and tricks to foster a comfortable way of life and a worthwhile living environment.

It is also a place to retreat, enjoy and join meaningful activities with your friends and family, including well-designed workshops about home and living where you can gather practical insights to transform your living space into a joyful one.

Besides a plethora of entertaining concepts and insightful information to answer your pressing questions about Borey Chankiri, this special edition of Chankiri Pop-Up has brought to thousands of visitors a new way of looking at a better life by immersing in authentic experiences with unique designs, decoration, and never-seen-before workshops, featuring local experts where their expertise contributes to the art of space-making and harmonious living of one’s home.

Let us have a quick virtual trip through the first day of our event, starting with a special workshop of Nataly Lee, a well-renowned interior designer, and stylist as well as a creative director of Borey Chankiri. Nataly has an extensive local and international client list, some of which include; Virgin Airlines, Sony Music, The BBC, Brown Coffee, and Treeline Urban Resort to name but a few. Her work has been featured in the New York Times Magazine, Frankie Magazine, and Peppermint Magazine, and she is also the co-author of two books.

Nataly shared her distinctive tips for improving your living space, starting from selecting your styling theme, coordinating color and tone, and choosing the right décor elements. Her interior designs feature emotions and artful tastes such as how to display objects that make you feel joy and bring coziness to your living room, or how to set a table for a beautiful dinner with a color theme in mind while adding the element of style.

The second workshop was an anticipated session with Thim Sophal, an established landscape designer behind many iconic landscape architectures in the kingdom. Sophal has created sensational landscape designs for Brown Coffee projects, the iconic "Wild Meadow" on K Mall's rooftop, a lovely courtyard at Siem Reap's Treeline Urban Resort, and, most notably, the natural green spaces at Borey Chankiri.

He led this discussion with a demonstration of creating an aesthetically pleasing side garden using our local plants that you can easily find. You can definitely pick up his practical tips to build your own natural garden that fits your lifestyle back at home, especially, the art of making green spaces that we usually overlook every day and how nature can inspire inner calm, elevated living, and pure happiness with even a small moment such as when the wind blows.

Meanwhile, Prach Soengchealy, known as William, a popular plant guru, and co-founder of Repot Derm, concluded the Pop-Up event's last day with a sharing talk on how to pick the right indoor plants and techniques for taking care of those lovely potted greeneries. As an inspirational plant-lover and young entrepreneur with a vast knowledge of indoor-plant care and growth, William shared with the audience how to nurture potted plants inside your home even in low light conditions and why you cannot be unhappy when there is a presence of the green plants in your space. 

With excellent advice for all plant enthusiasts, we learned from him about the art of maintaining and growing our green babies with specially mixed soil and keeping them flourishing. In return, they will care for our mental health and well-being. William also provided tips on how to choose an indoor plant for the bathroom, kitchen, and living room that fits your lifestyle, especially for those living in the city.

Last but not least, we welcomed Sin Sophie, a young mother, a businessperson, and an influential digital content creator on life as a young modern family, as our special guest to our Chankiri Pop-Up. This session was well-captured with her dialogue about why minimalist residences can be your best home choice for the next generation of families. 

As Sophie shared her personal joy of owning a desirable home as a young modern family, she also reminisced on the moment she found her dream home at Borey Chankiri. Sophie told us she instantly fell in love with its people-focused designs, the flexibility of the house that was most beneficial for her family size, and her active lifestyle. 

On top of a convenient location with many surrounding amenities, Sophie also shared her favorite details that drove her to make a once-in-a-life-time decision to purchase a residence at Borey Chankiri such as; multifunctional and minimalist designs, abundant natural light, sufficient airflow, surrounding natural greeneries, safety and the overall masterplan that is purposefully focused on improving the livelihood of the whole community.

What is even more memorable is the impression, the feeling of goodness, and new insights that everyone could take away from the Chankiri Pop-Up. Ms. Lut Sokunthea, who visited the pop-up with her family for two days in a row, expressed that she was pleased to be a part of this inspiring event. Traveling from the Prek Hol area to visit the event was already an admirable commitment on her part. 

The variety of activities in which her grandson can participate, and the interest in the workshops have caught her attention. "I am excited about today's gardening session because I want to learn more about it through this workshop," she said while sitting cheerfully awaiting the workshop to begin.

Aside from these authentically-curated sessions, Chankiri Pop-Up (Special Edition) Reimagine Your Better Way of Living, has offered many great bonding activities, lessons, and beautiful free giveaways throughout the day for all visitors. 

Developed by Urbanland, Borey Chankiri continues to push the boundaries of creativity and design in promoting quality living and elevating the joyful home through our pop-up events and other programs. We look forward to bringing more exciting news and having you back to join our next event here

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