Owning a garden is more than just a visual treat. A well-designed side garden can enhance your life in many ways beyond just aesthetic appeal. It can provide great mental relief that calms the mind after a tiring day and reconnects city life with nature. In addition, gardening can be a rewarding hobby that provides a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction as you watch your plants grow and thrive within your home.

Working with natural and elemental textures by using local plants is one of Mr. Thim Sophal's areas of expertise as a senior architect at HKA & Partners. His vast knowledge of the local flora allows him to create sustainable and unique designs that blend seamlessly with the architectural spaces, enhancing the beauty of the surrounding environment even more.

To create your beautiful side garden with Sophal's guide, you may follow the four important tips described below:

1. Know your time

Understanding your lifestyle, time, and resources can help you find the best plants for your garden. You should stick to planting low-maintenance plants if you do not have the time to give them the care they need. You can choose plants for your yard, such as cacti and ferns, that can produce a lovely appearance with little care and upkeep.

2. Familiarity with the plant

Knowing how to care for the plants you are planting is also essential. Different plants require diverse ways of care, such as where to place them, whether in the sun or in the shade. Paying attention to these small details can be highly beneficial to your garden.

3. The Golden Rule

The golden rule of landscape design decorating is an odd number. Planting in odd numbers and using plants of varied sizes is a hack to mimic the pure and untouched appearance of nature. To produce the leading look and visual appeal, place the large plants first and the small ones last. Also do not forget to decide which plant you want to emphasize as the star of your garden - be natural and loose with your restrictions.

3. Clear intention

Asking yourself whether you want a garden for protection, food, ambiance, or decoration. By determining your goal, it can make the process of creating your own garden simpler and easier for you to select the best alternative so that you do not end up losing interest in it.

With Mr. Thim Sophal's help, you can create a stunning side garden that will add to the beauty, mental health benefits, and value of your home. And don't forget to stay tuned with Better Living Day” for interesting topics hosted by Borey Chankiri if you want to learn more about useful tips related to educational ideas and tips on space and designs for better living.