How to Style Your Home with the Change of Seasons

As the seasons change, so do our emotions and what we require from our living spaces. During Cambodia’s hot summers, opting for breezy, light materials can help make the area feel cooler. In the colder months, using thicker textiles can add warmth. These are effortless tips for customizing your home to ensure it remains a place where you feel happy and at ease.

Dress up your home for a season

In summer, change your curtains and home accessories for summer by using cotton sheets, clear or colored curtains, and insulated shades to protect your home from heat. Use light-colored curtains to reflect light and cellular or insulated shades to create air barriers. When the rainy season comes, change to heavier fabric like polyester, wool and linen to create a cozy and warm feeling.

Decorating your space with plants

Plants can have a modest effect on your home. One of the simplest ways to start styling your home with the seasons is to fill vases with fresh, seasonal blooms, or plants that are resistant to the season. These can also play a role when reshuffling any shelves or display cabinets to create a refreshed look. For warmer season, choose heat-tolerant plants: snake plant, fern, lavender and catus etc.

Use natural ventilation

Your home will seem warmer, and your air conditioner will have to work harder the more sunlight it receives. Thus, always keep the door closed on bright days. This reduces the amount of effort required of your air conditioner to cool a bigger area. For a pleasant nighttime breeze, open the doors and windows on the opposing sides of the house.

Adjust your ceiling fans

Did you know that the direction of your ceiling fan makes a big difference when it comes to heating and cooling your home? In the summer, your ceiling fan should go counterclockwise. This will push the cool air down and give you that wind affects you are looking for when trying to cool off. In the rainy season or cold season switch the fan back to clockwise. This will circulate the warm air that rises, bouncing off your walls, and the entire room warm. Check out the video for tutorial!