Shophouse are a common type of building in contemporary Phnom Penh that perfectly combines residential and commercial activities in a single building developed as a result of urban necessity and the growth of architectural style.

Traditional shophouses are sometimes seen as duplicated blocks indicated mainly for business purposes, with limited space for livable space inside.

Seeing the demand for more useful and well-designed shophouses, the very first shophouse project developed by Urbanland, KMH Shophouses, seek to offer a unique living and commercial space designed with flexibility and multi-functional purposes suitable for both commercial and residential needs.

KMH Shophouses embrace distinctive architectural features that combine beauty and functionality to bring natural light and air ventilation into every unit. The lightwell cuts through each space, providing a rare quality that is hard to find for typical shophouse developments. Each KMH shophouse has a corner window facing the main road, which enhances both comfort and energy efficiency.

This shophouse is designed to offer a unique experience of flexible homes, possible commercial shops, and leasing opportunities. The unit measures 5.2m × 18m x 3.5 stories and features an A1-meter staircase that accesses each story separately, allowing all floors to be leased out separately with ease.

Committing to elevate businesses and create a vibrant neighborhood, the KMH Shophouses offer public frontage in wide 10-meter increments. These spacious increments include a 5-meter sidewalk and a 5-meter separate parking lot designated for commercial activities. This setup maximises brand visibility, consumer convenience, and foot traffic. Visitors can enjoy strolling on the covered sidewalk bordered by trees or greenery, making it a safe pedestrian walkway for everyone in the community.

Developed by a homegrown real estate developer, Urbanland, KMH Shophouses are located just 2.5km from Steung Mean Chey intersection. As part of the KMH Park along with K Mall, ISI Tower (office), the 40 shophouses, a football stadium, and a leisure park, the KMH shophouses will deliver all-encompassing conveniences along with a purposeful masterplan that aim to bring all your shopping essentials, dining experience, working and entertainments right outside your doorstep.

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