Real estate development frequently highlights extravagant buildings and spaces in all their glory, although this is not always the truth. A thoughtful design and innovative components can create a better spaces transformative addition to a sophisticated structure. From green spaces to community amenities, there are endless possibilities for creating unique and vibrant communities within these architectures.

At Urbanland, we put people at the heart of everything we do, and that embodies the human-centered design philosophy. We measure the effectiveness of our work by how it impacts communities at large.

Human-centred design philosophy is a problem-solving technique that places people at the centre of the development process, helping to build products and services that resonate and respond to the demands of users. Since its inception in 2013, Urbanland has taken this approach. Urbanland is known for its innovative and inspiring spaces that fulfill the needs of people and communities, and it is now celebrating its tenth anniversary of purposeful development this year.

Back to the root, this concept has emerged in various disciplines, such as anthropology, psychology, and art, over decades. However, it was not until 1958, when Professor John E. Arnold, a renowned American engineer and psychologist, suggested that engineering should be centred on humans and their needs, that a new era in engineering and real estate development around the globe emerged.

At Urbanland, creating inspirational spaces for people to live, work and play in is the brand DNA. On a mission to shape a better future and enrich lives by putting people at the heart of every space and experience we create, Urbanland is one of the leading homegrown developers in Cambodia, receiving local and international acclaims for its purposeful development.

With the authentic design of K Mall, a community mall that aims to bring people together and build meaningful communities in the heart of Veng Sreng, K Mall has become a green oasis and a breath of fresh air in this bustling part of the city. It offers a daily unparalleled shopping experience, with convenient stores, restaurants serving national and international cuisines, and delightful entertainment that caters to over half a million residents living in the area.

Treeline Urban Resort, situated along the lush green bank of Siem Reap River, is a one-of-a-kind destination for travellers visiting Angkor City. The resort boasts impeccable standards and features sustainably sourced native timber, stone, and handmade soft furnishings, creating a sanctuary of serene and laid-back luxury.

While Cambodia's first boutique office development with environmentally friendly and verdant green looks, Raintree takes a fresh approach to workplace design, serving not only a community of professionals, creatives, and entrepreneurs in the heart of Phnom Penh's central business and banking district, but also the surrounding community, where they can relax after work.

The most recent work that Urbanland has established is as a leading local real estate developer who cares and looks for new ways to stay informed. Urbanland spent a significant amount of time and resources conducting research for two years before bringing Borey Chankiri to life. "The Future of Home" research was conducted to discover what aspirational Cambodians desire for their forever homes.

Since we put people at the heart of everything we do and the space we create, through this thorough research, we learned about the desires of the aspirational urban community in three major ways: a desire for a fully functional home with well-designed interior and exterior spaces, a desire for security and a good sense of community, and a desire for a suitable living space. This discovery enabled Borey Chankiri to design the best homes with an understanding of our people's needs and addressing the housing problems they are experiencing.

Above all, we are known for our absolute attention to quality, durability, and craftsmanship - the three main pillars that define and set us apart from others. Hok Kang, the Founder and CEO of Urbanland, is highly regarded for being a detail-oriented and visionary person who strives for perfection in all his work, particularly in creating inspirational spaces and purposeful architectures. This has solidified the foundation and dedication for Urbanland, which has embodied the same principles and qualities to bring positive change to people's lives and communities with our projects.

After a decade as a real estate developer, we have incorporated human-centered design into our work with a laser focus. We measure our success by the impact we have on communities and have sought to gain experience in all aspects of the development space to learn and improve every day.

The milestone of our journey and award-winning developments, including Embassy Residences, and Embassy Central (high-end condominiums), and KMH Park masterplan development on Veng Sreng, are living proof of our work. The latter is a mixed-use business and lifestyle hub featuring offices, retail spaces, residential areas, parks, and green spaces, including the 40 shophouses, ISI Tower, and a football stadium. Urbanland's latest project, Borey Chankiri, is another successful real estate development project that aims to contribute to the quality of Borey development in Cambodia.

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