Treeline Urban Resort, our art and design hotel in Siem Reap, had the pleasure of hosting the Teach for Cambodia (TFC) 2020 intensive training programme from 9 August till 15 August. The training programme at Treeline provided a comfortable and conducive environment for the cohort of 26 talented young TFC Fellows to unite for the first time. With Treeline’s thoughtful balance of indoor and outdoor spaces surrounded by local art, culture and nature, individual and group activities became uniquely memorable experiences.

Teach For Cambodia team and Fellows with founder and CEO, Monirath Siv at the centre.

"During this difficult time of Covid-19, we are deeply grateful to Urbanland for sponsoring and hosting our first week of intensive training for the 26 Teach For Cambodia ’s Fellows at Treeline Urban Resort.

According to our effectiveness survey, over 95% of the Fellows agreed that the one-week in-person experience at Treeline was meaningful, engaging and enlightening - the 3 key elements of experience our team aimed to deliver.

We hope this kind of shared vision of prioritising community impact and supporting local organisations will grow further and we hope to have more collaborations with Urbanland to deepen our impact in the future,” Monirath Siv, Teach For Cambodia’s CEO.

So far, the 2020 cohort had completed the first of five weeks of their annual intensive training programme. The team shared more details about their memorable one-week training experience together at Treeline.

2020 TFC Fellows immersing themselves in productive team activities in Treeline’s courtyard

"At Treeline, I felt very relaxed and connected to nature. Our daily, all-day trainings were deep, intense and meaningful.. Thankfully, the environment and facilities at Treeline eased the pressure and enabled us to learn better with good food to boost our energy and friendly staff who were always ready to help us.

. I appreciate Urbanland’s commitment in giving back and contributing to the growth and sustainability of our communities. TFC is working on combating education inequity, and Urbanland plays a big part in supporting our actions," says Vyrada Chhun, Teach For Cambodia's 2020 Fellow.

Group discussion session inside our art and design hotel, Treeline Urban Resort

Dara Sin, another TFC Fellow from the 2020 cohort, shared, "Spending a whole week at Treeline was very exciting and engaging as we trained amidst beautiful art and spectacular greenery. During the training, we received so much care and love from the Treeline team, who were very welcoming since day one and made me and my team feel at home. We couldn't have asked for more. It was such a memorable and unforgettable experience for us and we are grateful for the generous support from Urbanland, allowing us to experience and learn how amazing Treeline and its people are." 

Fun and engaging group activities in Treeline’s courtyard

Urbanland is delighted with the positive feedback from the 2020 TFC Cohort on how they learnt, collaborated, and had fun with one another supported by the Treeline team and environment. We value education as a powerful tool in leading to positive change. At Urbanland, we strive to lead by example and encourage our communities to do the same by supporting them in whatever way we can.

Salen Nhean, a research assistant at Urbanland and Fellow from the TFC 2019 cohort, shares her insights about what working at both Teach For Cambodia and Urbanland is like.

"People at Teach For Cambodia and Urbanland are groundbreakers, who are constantly empowered to challenge themselves to push boundaries and work hard to create positive change, and I am humbled to be a part of this community. To me, what Teach For Cambodia and Urbanland are doing is prioritizing the community’s well-being and improving people's quality of life, which are important in shaping the future for the next generation", says Salen.

Salen with students at Chroy Changvar High School, Cambodia

We wish these young leaders all the best in building a solid foundation to kick start their teaching practice. We look forward to supporting organisations such as TFC in the future, to be a part of their journey in making positive impact and enriching education for all. .

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